NEW: Review of The Eden of Perhaps
by Brice Maiurro

Poetry Soundbite
Reading and Interview, May 2021


Spartan Press, 2020

The Eden of Perhaps is equal parts vulnerable and fierce with a subtle touch of humor, a deep twist of desire, and twin scoops of heartache and hope. A moving collection of poems for women on the edge of breaking open, standing on the ledge of possibility, their hearts in their hands.

-Molly Remer, Brigid's Grove

John Gardner once said that there are only two basic plots: a stranger comes to town and a person goes on a trip. In her strong new collection, Agnes Vojta takes her readers on a trip which moves from the personal to the mythic. Her tone ranges from pensive to giddy, but she is always bringing the reader, "out/into the world/towards adventure."

-Mike James, author of Jumping Drawbridges in Technicolor and Parades

In The Eden of Perhaps, Agnes Vojta explores identity through poems of hunger, atonement, and transformation. In her poem "Muse" she discovers "One day the universe / had enough of me / not listening...woke me up with a sonic boom...and shouted What are you waiting for?" In "Rules for Pruning," she observes "So, in cutting back, / you shape the future." In "Alter Ego," she confesses "life was simpler / before she / appeared." Ultimately, she finds a quiet triumph in accepting and loving "the woman she wants to become." Rather than consuming one and moving on to the next, these meditations are meant to be held on the tongue and savored.

-Dianne Borsenik, author of Raga for What Comes Next (Stubborn Mule Press, 2019)